Katja’s Song

by Todd on August 13, 2010

Today I’m working on a track that is near and dear to my heart. About five years ago I was on tour in Germany with my band and we had just finished our show at a great club in Hannover called The Blues Garage. A young girl came up to me after the set, in her early 20′s at that point, dressed in motorcycle gear and looking very excited. She introduced herself and told me that her dad had recommended she check out my music; he thought she’d like it. So on this particular evening she had decided to hop on her bike and ride from Hamburg to Hannover to attend our show. Being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, I thought that was pretty cool. Thankfully she really liked the show and I gained a fan that night, but more importantly over the months and years that followed I gained a really good friend as well.

Sadly not long after I met Katja she was diagnosed with a terrible cancer, a cancer that ultimately took her life. She fought very hard and bravely for a very long time, but ultimately she just couldn’t overcome it. Earlier this year Katja passed away. Much too soon, much too young.

Those of us who were lucky enough to know Katja are left with memories of a girl who never gave up, never seemed to lose hope, was always positive and smiling and glad to be alive. She’s one of the bravest people I think I’ll ever meet. I’m sure that Katja had her bad days, anyone in her position would. But through it all, she never stopped “living” her life. She just kept going forward, day by day. She taught us a lot about what’s possible in the face of adversity and I only hope that I can find the same courage and grace that she showed when life puts me to the test.

I wrote a song for Katja after she passed and I asked some of her friends to contribute to the recording of the song. Everyone submitted beautiful parts and now it’s up to me to do the final mix and send it off to Blue Rose Records for a compilation release they’re doing. It’s been one of the toughest mixes I’ve ever had to do; I think because I just want it to be perfect.

So that’s where I’m off to now. Off to mix Katja’s Song. Wish me luck. We miss you Katja.

Take Care,

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